2017 Designer of the Year Competition

designer of the year

Calling all designers! It’s that time again to show us what you’ve got. Get ready to compete for the title of 2017 Professional Floral Designer of the Year! Please note: due to popular demand we are modifying the student division from a competition to an exhibition.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 1st, when the preliminary round of the professional level competition and the student exhibition and will take place at Koehler & Dramm in conjunction with our Fall and Winter Classic (more show information is coming soon). Official rules brochures are available for download below, or in-store. Ask your sales representative for more details!

Professional Theme: Line: An Elemental Spotlight
Line is defined as “the visual pathway that directs eye movement through
a composition—the distance between two points.” Lines can be vertical,
horizontal, diagonal, and curved. We invite you to take this opportunity to
become inclusive with this element of floral design and show us how you
express “line.” There are so many ways to incorporate line into a design and
we are excited to see the intensity and imagination of your line. While we
want you to focus your design on line, we remind you not to forget about
the other important principles and elements of design that you will still be
evaluated on as well. All are critical to a successful design—we just ask that
your line, shine.

Click here to download the official Professional rules brochure

Student Theme: Complementary Colors
Help us celebrate one of the most popular color stories—
Complimentary colors are those that lie directly across from each
other on the color wheel. Take inspiration from sports teams, national
restaurant chains, and other daily sightings of this iconic color story as
you plan your decision. While ALL the principles and elements of design
should not be neglected, we only ask that your design, whichever you
choose, highlight a complimentary color story of your choosing. We
can’t wait to see your spotlight on Complimentary Colors!

Click here to download the official Student rules brochure

Questions? Please contact:
Jessica Leopold