Being Green: Sustainability at K&D


Hey! Happy Earth Day! To recognize the occasion, and because we’ve had several appropriately-timed questions lately about our source farms, eco-friendly practices, sustainability, etc. (like the one below asked by Nikki from Something Blue Design on Facebook), here’s some info about how K&D and our growers respect and protect the environment.

Q: Hello, Do you sell yet any organic fresh cut flowers? Fair trade? Eco friendly? No toxic chemicals? Inquiring because A LOT of my clients are demanding this. Thanks for any information!

A: Glad you asked! We make it a policy to only buy flowers from source farms who are committed to sustainability and abide by strict Veriflora standards. We also buy from local growers as often as we can. For more information, click the link below to view and download our Sustainability Practices PDF.

Sustainability Initiatives

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